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Autofan Media specialises in classic and historic motoring and we have been published in over 40 publication titles in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Between 1999 and 2011 we produced a series of motoring calendars, including Mini, Ford, Falcon GT, Classic Holden, VW, WRX and Rust In Peace.

In December 2004 we launched our own magazine, The Mini Experience. Dedicated to all things Mini, old and new, the magazine was available quarterly and established itself as the country's primary information resource for all Mini enthusiasts.

In March 2012 we re-launched the magazine as The BMC Experience, broadening the scope to include all cars from BMC-Leyland and the various brands that made up those combined companies. This included Mini, Austin, Morris, MG, Riley, Wolseley, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Rover, Leyland and more.

Unfortunately, due to falling sales, falling advertising, increased costs (especially postage) and on-line theft of the magazine, we ceased publication in June 2017 (our final issue being Issue 22 – July to September 2017).

At Autofan Media we have over 30 years' experience in newspapers, magazines and events coverage. From an automotive Concours d'Elegance to a Royal visit, our emphasis has always been on the 'personality' of the event.

We have covered many motorsport events, as the official photographer or for newspapers and magazines. Our philosophy is that, while good action shots are important, it is the people that make any event unique. We capture that uniqueness and human spirit in every event we cover.

We are now shooting in a totally digital format providing high quality images for magazine or newspaper reproduction, combined with fast turnaround times.

Our principle, Craig Watson, was appointed Photo Supervisor (Olympic Cycling) and Photo Manager (Paralympic Cycling) for the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games. He has also been the official photographer for numerous major events, including the Royal visit to Sovereign Hill, seven charity bush rallies and multiple rallies and car events.

In 2009 Craig organised a trip to England for 15 people for the Mini’s 50th anniversary. Driving a fleet of new MINIs the group visited the International Mini Meeting, Mini In The Park, four motoring museums, the former Mini factory at Longbridge and the current MINI factory at Oxford.

In 2011 Craig organised the Oz50 Mini Carnival, celebrating 50 years of the Mini in Australia. The event became the largest all-Mini event ever held in Australia. Over 8 days, with two major shows and six touring and static display events, more than 700 Minis took part, with over 500 on the final day at Wakefield Park.

A triple-pack DVD was produced of the event, which includes more than 3 hours of incredible footage and which is available through our Exclusive DVDs page – click here to purchase.

Autofan Media has also produced a number of other exclusive DVDs, including “Top Trek – A Moke odyssey to the top of Australia”, which documents the 1986 trek of five Mokes from Melbourne to Cape York – the very top of Australia. The DVD includes a one-hour documentary on the trek to the top, as well as a shorter presentation on the return trip, a short instructional film about sand driving in a Moke and a slide show of over 300 images – click here to purchase.

“Tour 2009” is a double DVD about the tour to the UK for the Mini’s 50th anniversary. – click here to purchase.

In 2012, Craig also took part in an Arts project for Surfside Primary School, in Victoria, helping to teach the joy of photography to primary school children. The project continued through to the middle of the year and culminated in an exhibition of the students’ work and a hard-cover book. Craig remained at the school continuing with other photographic projects with students through to the end of the year.

More recently we have produced a series of DVDs with long-forgotten films from the BMC Australia archive, including Birdsville and Beyond (taking a Mini up the Birdsville Track in 1964; The Tortoise & The Hare (racing an aeroplane around Australia in a Morris 1100S); Island Preview (the press release of the Morris 1500 in Tasmania); BMC Automatic Transmissions (the story of the AP automatic transmission used in Mini & Morris 1100) and others still to be released.

As if all this isn’t enough, Craig continues to work on a freelance basis as well, and regularly has material published in magazines both in Australia and the UK.

Magazines and newspapers where Craig has had, or continues to have, work published include:

Australasian Post (Aust)
Australia’s Sports & Classic Cars (Aust)
Australian 4x4 (Aust)
Australian Caravan & Camping (Aust)
Australian Classic Car Monthly (Aust)
Australian Shooters Journal (Aust)
Australian Shooters Annual (Aust)
Classic Car Yearbook (Aust)
Classic Ford (UK)
Classic Land Rover (UK)
Classic Military Vehicle (UK)
Extreme (Aust)
Fast Fours & Rotaries (Aust)
Fishing Australia Monthly (Aust)
Geelong Advertiser (Aust)
Golf Extreme (UK)
Herald Sun (Aust)
High Performance Imports (Aust)
Hot 4s (Aust)
Leader Newspapers (4 titles) (Aust)
MG Enthusiast (UK)
MG World (UK)
Melton Express (Aust)
Mini Magazine (UK)
Mini Magic (Aust)
Mini World (UK)
Motor Sport Legends (Aust)
National Drag Racer (Aust)
Overlander (Aust)
Performance Ford (Aust)
Retro Cars (UK)
Sports Car & Racer (Aust)
Survivor Car (Aust)
The BMC Experience (Aust)
The Mini Experience (Aust)
The Weekly Times (Aust)
Triumph World (UK)
Unique Cars (Aust)
Vintage Race Car (USA)
Vintage Road Car (USA)
VW Motoring (UK)
Total BMW (UK)
Total Vauxhall (UK)
Zoom (Aust)

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