One fan's dedication to his footy team

Words and Photos by Robert Pearce and Jason Free.

There is a saying among Moke owners that Moking is a disease, but after spending a fairly full-on and hectic time building Rosie, my first Moke (see Issue 11), I was fairly certain that I was not going to catch the bug. In fact I was positive!

But it seems that I had a problem…I have been a Wests Tigers fan for 40 years, and one day the image of a Tigers Moke popped into my head – and the damn thing would not go away.

Convincing my Darling wife was the first obstacle, then getting Jason (my mate who had helped me so much with my first build) was the next step. With that done I approached a few of the people who had done the outside work on Rosie to see if, seeing how well Rosie was doing at car shows, they would consider doing me some nice prices, for some signage on the finished product. These people were keen to help with an amazing amount of sponsorship.

Once you start to deal with a particular car like Mokes or Minis you make friends that are building their own, and these people become invaluable for parts and hard to find bits. For me this person is Pete and I will thank him here for often “trading” bits with me which helped the project along.

I got in touch with the guy I bought Rosie from to see if he knew of any good Mokes around, and he had a 1981 Gal body in his shed, that had been stripped and came with the engine, suspension and all the other gear. This turned out to be a good buy but came with some problems, when we had to source various brackets and such that could not be found.

The floor had been repaired, with just a little welding left to be done. While we were out at his property picking up the Moke, Jason’s eyes fell upon a turbo and manifold. He asked the guy and was told that they were for sale. He turned to me with a glint in his eye that I should have noticed as being trouble. The turbo, a Garrett T3, was purchased and put in the trailer along with the Moke body and several boxes of parts.

The first job was to catalogue all the bits that we had, so we could work out what we needed. Once this was done the body was sent away to be blasted. Once the body was back we finished off the welding on the floor, then decided to weld and fill all the joints on the body, thanks to Francis in Kyogle, so we would have a smooth finish. We welded up all unnecessary holes as well.

The roll bars were fabricated, then the holes needed for them were drilled in the body. That left us with a solid weekend polishing the bars.

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