The Quest

A Scottish couple’s on-going search for the ultimate Mini collection.

I suppose everyone has their own idea of the Holy Grail of Minis – something for which you could search your whole life without ever attaining. It could be a Works rally car, a police Cooper S, or perhaps something even rarer like a Broadspeed. For Iain and Caroline Crockett in Scotland, the quest is not to seek one rare or unique model Mini, but to fi nd at least one of every model – even the most ordinary variety.

They may never attain their goal either, because like all true collectors, there’s always at least one more they don’t have, and if a better example of something they already do have comes along, chances are they’ll go for that as well.

Iain had the classic Mini upbringing, with his dad owning a few when Iain was young. When it came to getting his fi rst car, Iain’s natural choice was a Mini of his own. “I used to buy them, sell them, play with them, like everybody else I suppose, that’s into them”, he muses. “It was my fi rst car, and you tend to stick with them. I used to love them, then hate them, but I got back to love them over the years. I’ve always had a Mini at some point.”

Although training in electronics, Iain found he hated that line of work, and was soon back playing with his Minis, buying them and selling them, and generally building his life around them.

Iain’s wife Caroline didn’t have the same affection for Minis in her youth, but has certainly grown very fond of them. “I’m an enthusiast now.

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