SU Carburettor tuning

This book is ideal for the technically minded, or those who just want to learn more about the SU carburettor, which was standard on all pre-injection Minis.

From basic design and function to fault-finding and correction, the book covers every type of SU carb, not only those used on Minis.

There are chapters covering needle types and selection, tuning for racing fuels, dissmantling and assembly, balancing twin carbs and more.

There are plenty of illustrations and the text is fairly easy to follow.

However, as the book was originally published in 1968, now in its fifth impression, it doesn’t take into account tuning on rolling roads.

A quaint quote referrs to tuning the carburettor while driving at a constant 2,000rpm, with the throttle wide open, up a hill. “The slope of the hill need not be exact for this. If, for instance we find the car pulls 2,500rpm up the hill in top gear, then we can simply pull the revs down a little more by applying just a shade of hand brake until the revs are at the point at which we require to check the mixture (it obviously won’t do to make too much use of the hand brake or it will overheat).”

These quirks aside, the book is informative and instructive. It should be read keeping in mind that it was written when the Mini was at its competition peak.

All up, a useful book for the workshop of any budding tuner, or professional mechanic.

SU Carburettor tuning


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