The Carmakers The P76 story

This film was made in 1973 to help launch the Leyland P76.

Done as docu-drama-spoof, it stars Noel Ferrier as a bumbling would-be industrial spy, trying to uncover details of Leyland’s big new car, prior to it being released to the media.

Ray Barret is the big-name star who has been brought in to launch the car, while Katy Wild is the ever-so-innocent cub reporter who gets a scoop by heading into the Outback with Barret for the delivery of the prototype test car.

There is a fair bit of actual footage of the prototype undergoing testing in the Outback, mixed in with shots of Barret and Wild supposedly in the car, but the interior and exterior shots just don’t work together.

Still, don’t take the film too seriously, and it is an interesting insight into the P76, that Leyland dubbed as Anything But Average.

Numerous engineers and management from Leyland have cameo roles as they explain certain technical characteristics of the car.

There are also a few good cameo roles for Minis in the film, too. When Ferrier tracks down the couple to the secret Outback testing area, he arrives in a Californian/Export Moke, complete with Bali floral roof.

Later, when his boss is frustrated with Ferrier’s ineptitude, and takes over the case himself, he turns up in a blue Leyland Mini Van.

The climax of the film is a chase through the grounds in four or five P76, which ends when the crook’s escape is blocked by two police cars - both Mini Clubmans. 

The Carmakers The P76 story


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