Norm Beechey & Neptune Team

Think Holden racing, and most people automatically think Peter Brock or Mark Skaife. But in the mid-1960s the Neptune Racing Team was the envy of all others, and Norm Beechey’s S4 EH Holden was king of the kids - that is, unless the kids were into Minis.

This DVD is a documentary on the early career of Norm Beechey (there is a companion volume which deals with 1970 - the year he won the ATCC). As the man who started the Neptune Racing Team, there is naturally plenty of footage of that team, including Peter Manton.

The film even includes footage of Manton’s massive crash at Warwick Farm in August 1965, as well as some brilliant footage of Minis battling with the Mustangs of Beechey, Geoghegan and Jane.

The documentary is narrated by legendary motor-noter Bill Tuckey (a little too much footage of Bill in front of the action) and is produced by Bloodwood Gully Productions.

At the end of the documentary is a bit of bonus material - the original Neptune Racing Team promotional film from 1964.

There is some great footage of Peter Manton, his 997cc Cooper and some fabulous racing.

The sound effects are somewhat underwhelming, and the narrator has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. However, the 20-minute film is a time-slice of racing in the mid-’60s and is, for Mini enthusiasts, the highlight of the entire DVD.

Being produced in low numbers, the DVD might seem a little pricey to some people, but given the rarity of most of the footage it is still very good value.

The documentary on Beechey is well worth a look, but the Neptune film is an absolute gem for all Mini enthusiasts, and fans of Peter Manton in particular.

Norm Beechey & Neptune Team


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