Horses To Horsepower / Around Australia in 9 days

The first was made to celebrate the opening of BMC’s Zetland factory extensions, in 1958, and covers the history and development of the site, from horse racing track, to one of the largest car-making facilities in Australia.


1968 London to Sydney Marathon

While there are no Minis in this film, the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon really is one of the great motoring adventures.


Norm Beechey & Neptune Team

Think Holden racing, and most people automatically think Peter Brock or Mark Skaife. But in the mid-1960s the Neptune Racing Team was the envy of all others, and Norm Beechey’s S4 EH Holden was king of the kids - that is, unless the kids were into Minis.


Southern Cross Rally (2 disc set)

Covering five years of the Southern Cross Rally - 1966, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979 - this two-disc set gives a good overview on the way international rallying, and rallying in Australia, changed in a little over a decade.


The Carmakers The P76 story

Done as docu-drama-spoof, it stars Noel Ferrier as a bumbling would-be industrial spy, trying to uncover details of Leyland’s big new car, prior to it being released to the media.


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