How To Power Tune Mini On A Small Budget

One of the beauties of the Mini is that even the basic engines lend themselves to an enormous range of modifications - as was ably proved over the years.

While you can build monstrous engines for your Mini, if you are prepared to throw money at it, getting the most out of the least amount of money can be achieved with the right information.

This book by Des Hammill sets out to do that, and shows what can be achieved without spending the children’s inheritance.

Clearly set out, and now reprinted with all photographs in colour, it is easy to follow and (for a non-technical type like myself) seems to have good logical information.

Hammill starts out by stressing that the book is written with the experienced person in mind, and a certain amount of knowledge is taken for granted.

As he explains, this book does not replace the standard workshop manual but is an adjunct to it. The book does not go into detail, for example, on removal, disassembly or reassembly, as the author expects that the reader should already be familiar with these aspects.

This is no replacement for the likes of Vizard’s Tuning the A-Series Engine, either, but is a good starting point for developing any Mini on a tight budget.

Hammill’s sensible approach also looks at interchanging standard parts from one model to another - a Cooper head on a standard 998cc engine for example, and what difference it will make, if any.

The savings you could make on your engine make it worth the cost.

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